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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

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Big Sur is enjoying all things delicious with the second annual Big Sur Food & Wine Festival, which supports the recovery efforts for Big Sur and Napa Valley.  The local market had a robust couple of weeks since the start of Q4 with a fair amount of activity across the board for both of the last couple of weeks.

Pebble’s market saw an uptick in activity over the last two weeks with 6 closed escrows and 6 new sales – a sign that Q4 is off to a strong start.  The top closed escrow came from the heart of the MPCC area on Matador – a custom designed Mediterranian style home with high-end finishes that closed at $3.25M (10% off of List Price).  The other closed escrows included a Spanish Colonial style home in the Country Club West area that sold for $2.075M (6% off of List Price); a turn-key spec play on a quiet MPCC street that closed at $1.756M (7% off of List Price); a partially updated ranch style home in the Country Club East area that sold for $1.51M (5% off of List Price); a mid-century modern style home in the Upper Forest that closed at $865K (3% off of List Price) and a condo that sold for $777K (8% off of List Price).  We’re very honored and excited to represent the top new sale in Pebble – a custom Braden Sterling designed home on the prized Padre Ln with an ask of $6.795M.  The other new sales include a tastefully designed traditional style home in the Country Club East area, listed at $1.85M; a dated mid-century modern style home with filtered ocean views and an ask of $1.79M; a major fixer with potential and a list price of $1.395M and another couple of fixers in the Country Club East area with ask prices of $1.2M and $1.145M respectively.

Carmel’s market also had a lot to report over the last two weeks with 6 closed escrows and 12 new sales – a robust pace for Q4 standards.  The top closed escrow was a higher-end spec play in the Carmel Point area that closed at $6.75M (1% off of List Price).  The other closed escrows included another spec play with standard house/lot sizes in the Golden Rectangle that sold for $2.13M (3% off of List Price); an oversized cottage (and lot) in SE Carmel that closed at $2.05M (6% off of List Price); a couple of major fixers in the NE area of Carmel that traded for $1.394M (2% off of List Price) and $1.299M (3% off of List Price) along with a teardown in the outskirts of NE Carmel that sold for $865K (4% off of List Price). The top new sale is a Scenic (teardown) frontline unit that went back into escrow at $4.995M.  The other new sales included a major fixer in a great Carmel Point location, listed at $2.195M; two turn-key listings in NE Carmel with asks of $1.899M and $1.895M; a custom designed Spanish Colonial (very honored to represent the sellers) listed at $1.699M; a partially updated cottage in NE Carmel with an ask of $1.439M and several others (6 sales) ranging from $1.29M down to $849K.  Overall, a steady market that has transitioned into Q4 with good momentum.

Quail had activity to report with 1 new sale, which came from Quail’s 9th fairway – a major fixer near the tee box, listed at $1.595M.

The Highlands also had activity to report with 1 new sale coming from the East side of the Highway – an East Coast style home with distant ocean views and a list price of $2.795M.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 1021 Matador, $3.25M (10% off of List Price), DOM=18

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3080 Stevenson Dr, $2.075M (6% off of List Price), DOM=56

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3043 Valdez Rd, $1.756M (7% off of List Price), DOM=27

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3029 Bird Rock Rd, $1.51M (5% off of List Price), DOM=144

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 4117 Pine Meadows Wy, $865K (3% off of List Price), DOM=32

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 73 Ocean Pines Ln, $777K (8% off of List Price), DOM=14

  • NEW SALE – 1285 Padre Ln, $6.795M, DOM=31

  • NEW SALE – 2823 Congress Rd, $1.85M, DOM=39

  • NEW SALE – 3071 Forest Wy, $1.79M, DOM=244

  • NEW SALE – 1208 Lake Crt, $1.395M, DOM=94

  • NEW SALE – 2852 Elk Run Rd, $1.2M, DOM=7

  • NEW SALE – 3022 Stevenson Dr, $1.145M, DOM=106

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 26324 Valley View Ave, $6.75M (1% off of List Price), DOM=42

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 9th Ave 2NW of Lincoln, $2.13M (3% off of List Price), DOM=130

  • CLOSED ESCROW – Forest 4SW of 7th, $2.05M (6% off of List Price), DOM=56

  • CLOSED ESCROW – SE Corner of Torres & 5th, $1.394M (2% off of List Price), DOM=70

  • CLOSED ESCROW – Lincoln 2NW of 11th, $1.299M (3% off of List Price), DOM=20

  • CLOSED ESCROW – Carpenter 4SE of 1st, $865K (4% off of List Price), DOM=467

  • NEW SALE – Scenic 3NW of 8th, $4.995M, DOM=218

  • NEW SALE – 26245 Dolores St, $2.195M, DOM=165

  • NEW SALE – SW Corner of Guadalupe & 3rd, $1.899M, DOM=187

  • NEW SALE – Guadalupe 5SE of 3rd, $1.895M, DOM=19

  • NEW SALE – Santa Rita 4SE of 2nd, $1.699M, DOM=222

  • NEW SALE – NE Corner of Santa Fe & 4th, $1.439M, DOM=59

  • NEW SALE – 3488 Lazarro, $1.29M, DOM=15

  • NEW SALE – Dolores 2SW of 8th, $1.275M, DOM=132

  • NEW SALE – 26080 Mesa Dr, $1.249M, DOM=14

  • NEW SALE – Crespi 5SE of Mountain View, $1.2M, DOM=21

  • NEW SALE – 26033 Mesa Dr, $860K, DOM=182

  • NEW SALE – Santa Rita 2SE of 1st, $849K, DOM=6

Carmel Highlands
  • NEW SALE – 115 Pine Wy, $2.795M, DOM=228

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • NEW SALE – 8003 River Pl, $1.595M, DOM=159

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