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With the seasonal slow-down in effect, the local community has turned its attention to gift shopping, tree lighting ceremonies and holiday parties. In the areas we cover, we are seeing a clear slowing in the market with only 2 new sales in the pipeline as we enter the final month of 2015. A few highlights from the week worth noting:

Despite zero new sales, Pebble’s activity picked up from the previous week with 6 closed escrows. All activity was below the $2.5M threshold with the top closed escrow coming from a backline condo at Spanish Bay that sold off-market at $2.3M. The other closed escrows included 2 fixers in Upper Pebble that closed at $1.65M (8% off of list price) and $1.125M (6% off of list price); 2 ranch-style fixers in the Country Club area that closed at $1.1M (Off-Market) and $1.062M (1% over list price) and a tear down in the MPCC area that also closed over ask price at $885K.

Carmel kept the winning streak alive with another good week- 7 closed escrows and 2 new sales. The top closed escrow came from down the coast on Pradera Rd- with expansive ocean views, it closed at $3.538M (8% off of list price). The other closed escrows included 2 cottage-style fixers in the Golden Rectangle that closed at $1.625M (14% off of list price) and $1.625M (12% over list price); a nicely remodeled ranch-style home in Southeast Carmel that closed at $1.375M (5% off of list price); an A-frame style home on Dolores that closed at $1.2M (14% off of list price) and a teardown in Northwest Carmel that closed at $850K (13% off of list price). Both of the new sales are from the outskirts of our area but worth noting none-the-less. The top new sale came from East of Junipero on 7th Ave- a Midcentury Modern near Hatton Rd with an ask of $1.125M. The other new sale is a condo in Northwest Carmel with an ask of $745K.

No news to report in both the Highlands and Quail

Pebble Beach
CLOSED ESCROW – 81 Spanish Bay Cir, $2.3M (Off-Market)
CLOSED ESCROW – 4013 Los Altos Dr, $1.65M (8% off of list price), DOM=67
CLOSED ESCROW – 4020 Ronda Rd, $1.125M (6% off of list price), DOM=269
CLOSED ESCROW – 2805 Raccoon Trl, $1.1M (Off-Market)
CLOSED ESCROW – 1076 Presidio Rd, $1.062M (1% over list price), DOM=56
CLOSED ESCROW – 3108 Stevenson Dr, $885K, (1% over list price), DOM=3
Active Listings= 71 Homes, (31 in MPCC area, 31 in Central Pebble, 10 in Upper Pebble), 22 Lots

Prime parts of Carmel
CLOSED ESCROW – 2714 Pradera Rd, $3.538M (8% off of list price), DOM=153
CLOSED ESCROW – Dolores 3 NE of Santa Lucia, $1.625M (14% off of list price), DOM=61
CLOSED ESCROW – Carmelo 3 SW of 9th, $1.625M (12% over list price), DOM=3
CLOSED ESCROW – SE Corner of Mission & 1st, $1.6M (5% off of list price), DOM=96
CLOSED ESCROW – Torres 4 SE of 9th, $1.375M (5% off of list price), DOM=334
CLOSED ESCROW – Dolores 2 SE of 13th, $1.2M (14% off of list price), DOM=61
CLOSED ESCROW – 2nd Ave 2 NE of Lincoln, $850K (13% off of list price), DOM=38
NEW SALE – 3354 7th Ave, $1.125M, DOM=43
NEW SALE – 3 SW Corner of Mission & 3rd, $745K, DOM=127
Active Listings= 55 Homes (17 in Golden Rectangle, 7 in Carmel Point, 24 in Northwest Carmel, 7 in Southeast Carmel), 2 Lots

No news to report
Active Listings= 16 Homes (6 oceanfront), 7 Lots

No news to report
Active Listings= 4 Homes (3 in Quail Meadows, 1 in Quail Lodge), 1 Lot

Listing Highlight of the Week: White Sands, Carmel.

Click here for more information on this property

White Sands | Carmel Beach, CA from Blue Sky Cinemtaography on Vimeo.


Around Town:

12/4 – Carmel Plaza Holiday Open House at Carmel Plaza

12/4 – Smuin Ballet’s Holiday Dance Program: The Christmas Ballet at Sunset Center

12/5 – 22nd Annual Stillwell’s Fun in the Park at Caledonia Park              

12/5 – Joullian Vineyards 17th Annual Wine & Wreaths Holiday Open House at Joullian Vineyards

12/6 – Brighten the Harbor Boat Parade at Monterey Marina

12/8 – Pink Martini at Golden State Theater

12/11 – Carmel by the Glass at La Playa Carmel

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