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The lesser known but equally interesting EG Conference is in town this weekend.  Similar to TED talks, the best and brightest collaborate to bring an entertaining experience to the Sunset Center for a fun-filled weekend.  Carmel extends its hot streak with 6 closed escrows and 4 new sales- donning the crown for the entire month of April.  Pebble’s market a different tale with another sluggish week.  Notable sales from the week below:

The bottom of Pebble’s market remains the most active range, representing the majority of sales in Q216.  The top closed escrow came from the Upper Forest area- a charming Ranch-style home with ocean views that closed over the list price of $1.4M.  The other closed escrows include a Midcentury-Modern-style fixer in the Upper Forest area that closed at $900K (5% off of list price) and a two-story Ranch-style home just North of Spyglass Hill Links that closed at $1.393M (7% off of List Price).  The top new sale is a 90’s spec deal on the East side of coveted Padre Ln with expansive ocean views and an ask of $4.295M.  The other new sale is a Ranch-style fixer on the MPCC Shore course (San Carlos Rd) with an ask of $1.439M.

Carmel had a robust week (third in a row) with 6 closed escrows and 4 new sales- we’re seeing the market continue to tilt towards the prime parts of Carmel.  The top closed escrow is a charming Cottage that was completely remodeled in ’05 in SE Carmel that closed at $1.929M (1% off of List Price).  The other closed escrows include a well designed Ranch-style home in Hatton Fields that closed at $1.825M (6% off of List Price); a European-style home on an artery (San Carlos) in the Golden Rectangle that closed at $1.355M (7% off of List Price); two major fixers next to each other in NE Carmel that closed at $940K (16% over List Price) and $750K (3% off of List Price) and a Ranch-style fixer also in NE Carmel that closed at $875K (3% off of List Price).  The top new sale is a tastefully designed European-style estate in SE Carmel with an ask of $2.395M.  The other new sales include a Cottage-syle fixer in the heart of the Golden Rectangle with an ask of $1.298M; a Ranch-style home on a corner lot in Hatton Fields with an ask of $1.189M and a teardown in the Southern part of the Golden Rectangle listed at $999K.  The outlying areas of Carmel continue to thrive with the increased level of recent demand. 

The Highlands enjoyed a slight uptick in activity with 1 closed escrow and 1 new sale.  The lone closed escrow came from Pine Way, which is just above the Highlands Inn- a 1927 European-style estate that sold at $1.825M (9% off of List Price).  We’re thrilled to represent both sides of the new sale in the heart of Carmel Highlands: 7 Yankee Point.  As anticipated, this turnkey French-style home with ocean views went into escrow after only 13 days. 

Quail stays white-hot with 1 closed sale and 1 new sale- both in the Quail Lodge area.  The closed escrow is recently remodeled Ranch-style home tucked behind Quail’s 2nd tee box that closed at the full list price of $2.195M.  The new sale, just West of the closed escrow is tastefully remodeled Ranch-style home with an ask of $2.695M.  Depending on what it closes at, it could set the new high-water mark for the Quail Lodge area.  We represented the seller of the latest high-water mark in ‘15, which is $2.35M.

 On a unrelated but very exciting note.  We are thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our team and have brought on the very intelligent and talented Alex Plain.  With extensive experience in this field, she will no doubt be a great contribution to our team and bring a unique set of skills with her as we grow our business.  If you have the opportunity, please congratulate her on joining the Canning Properties Group!


Mike, Jess & Nic





CLOSED ESCROW – 4021 El Bosque, $1.4M (1% over List Price), DOM=3

CLOSED ESCROW – 3062 Sloat Rd, $1.393M (7% off of List Price), DOM=153

CLOSED ESCROW – 4059 El Bosque, $900K (5% off of List Price), DOM=34

NEW SALE – 1217 Padre Ln, $4.295M, DOM=71

NEW SALE – 1020 San Carlos, $1.439M, DOM=3

ACTIVE LISTINGS=  (27 in MPCC area, 32 in Central Pebble, 8 in Upper Forest), 24 Lots


CLOSED ESCROW – Santa Fe 3NE of 8th, $1.929M (1% off of List Price), DOM=7

CLOSED ESCROW – 3410 Martin, $1.825M (6% off of List Price), DOM= 265

CLOSED ESCROW – SW Corner of San Carlos & 12th, $1.355M (7% off of List Price), DOM=44

CLOSED ESCROW – Santa Rita 4NE of 6th, $940K (16% over List Price), DOM=47

CLOSED ESCROW – 24675 Dolores, $875K (3% off of List Price), DOM=35

CLOSED ESCROW – Santa Rita 3NE of 6th, $750K (3% off of List Price), DOM=47

NEW SALE – Guadalupe 5SE of 7th, $2.395M, DOM=18

NEW SALE – Dolores 5SW of 10th, $1.298M, DOM=8

NEW SALE – 3528 Mesa Dr, $1.189M, DOM=10

NEW SALE – Mission 5SW of 12th, $999K, DOM=47

ACTIVE LISTINGS= (11 in NW Carmel, 24 in NE Carmel, 18 in Golden Rectangle, 8 in SE Carmel, 13 in Carmel Point, 6 in Hatton Fields), 4 Lots


CLOSED ESCROW – 115 Pine Wy, $1.825M (9% off of List Price), DOM=248

NEW SALE –7 Yankee Point Dr, $2.425M, DOM=13

ACTIVE LISTINGS= 16 Homes (6 oceanfront), 6 Lots


CLOSED ESCROW – 7077 Fairway Pl, $2.195M (Full Price), DOM=7

NEW SALE –7075 Fairway Pl, $2.695M, DOM=33

ACTIVE LISTINGS= 8 Homes (4 in Quail Meadows, 4 in Quail Lodge), 2 Lots


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