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Pebble Beach went to sleep last week with one closed sale of a $675K condo and zero new sales.  Was only a matter of time before our traditional holiday quiet time settled in and it looks like it’s here, at least in Pebble.

The prime parts of Carmel actually had another good week with three new sales and one closed sale.  Carmel appears to be resisting the seasonal nap time.  As mentioned last week, Carmel Point remains hot – we put our $4.695M listing on Bayview in escrow this week and had two other parties contemplating offers.  We also saw a $5.2M larger home on the west side of San Antonio in the Golden Rectangle go into escrow, along with a smaller cottage also in the Rectangle with an ask of $1.5M go in as well.  Carmel Point also saw one closed sale, an older, larger ‘fixer’ which closed at $2.55M.  Holidays or not, another very solid week for Carmel, particularly The Point.

A number of things happening around Town this week – hope you’re able to get out and enjoy them:

About Town:

11/14 – Trio Carmel is hosting Ian Brand of Ian Brand & Family Wines for Old Vines and Rare Wines.

11/15 – Pre Holiday Prep Party at The Carmel Plaza

11/18 – elizabethW Holiday Party at The elizabethW Boutique.

11/20-12/21 – The Full Monty at The Golden Bough Theatre.


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