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Carmel continued to slow this week with just 3 closed escrows and 0 new sales. The Golden Rectangle had the 3 closed sales – all coming on Scenic. Two of the three are potentially historic, which will have an impact on the potential for the property and therefore affect the sales price. Scenic 2NE of 13th closed for $3.8M, Scenic 4 SE of 9th sold for $3.8M (above asking price of $3.75M) and Scenic 2NW of 8th closed for $4.025M.  We are honored to have represented the buyers on the sale of the coveted west side of Scenic property.  These 3 sales bring the total number of sales on Scenic to 7 so far this year, off slightly from a record breaking high of 9 sales in 2013. Carmel Point had another quiet week with zero closed sales and no new sales.  Somewhat surprising given the light amount of inventory on the Point.

Despite a seasonal slowdown, Pebble heated up this week with 5 new sales, two of them near the Lodge with asking prices of $3.95M and $4M.  The bottom of the Pebble market continues to be on fire with 3 new sales with asking prices of $579K, $609K, and $849K.  Pebble saw two closed sales with one on Ronda at $1.675M and another in the MPCC area at $1.175M.  Despite the recent activity, we do anticipate things to slow down during the holidays.

As we enjoy scattered showers throughout the weekend, we wish you happy holidays and hope you can enjoy some of the action around town:

About Town:

11/20-12/21- The Full Monty at The Golden Bough Theatre

11/22 – Annual Holiday Fair at The Church of Wayfarer

11/22 – 44th Annual Homecrafters Marketplace at The Sunset Center

11/22 – Taste Morgan Thank You Days at Taste Morgan in the Crossroads

11/25 – The Second City Nut-Cracking Holiday Revue at The Sunset Center

11/27 – Thanksgiving Dinner at Aubergine L’Auberge Carmel


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