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For the first time in nearly two months, Pebble seized the weekly crown from Carmel with 2 closed escrows and 9 new sales.  Great to see activity pick back up in Pebble after posting two sluggish weeks.  There should be plenty of entertainment this weekend with the annual Quail Motorsports Gathering rolling through town.  As always, a few highlights from the week worth noting below:

The majority of activity this week occurred under the $3M threshold- representing all but one of the closed escrows and new sales.  The top closed escrow comes from the inner part of the MPCC area- a tastefully remodeled English-style home designed by John Mathems on Pioneer Road, that closed at $2.7M (10% off of List Price).  The other closed escrow, also in the MPCC area on the front lines of the Shore Course, is a Ranch-style fixer that closed 7% over the list price of $1.439M.  We’re honored to represent the top new sale for this week- a Traditional-style home with expansive ocean views in Pebble’s sunbelt with an ask of $4.095M.  The other noteworthy sales include a classic 1930’s Ranch-style home in Central Pebble reasonably listed at $2.99M, a Contemporary-style home with a peculiar floorplan also in Central Pebble with an ask of $2.95M, a recently remodeled Ranch-style home in the Country Club East area offered at $1.371M and a fixer on a main artery in the MPCC area listed at $1.275M.  The remaining new sales range from $975 down to $529K- all in the Upper forest area.  Worth noting that inventory levels have stabilized in the high 60’s, low 70’s for the first half of 2016.

In a rare week, Carmel took backstage to Pebble this week with 5 closed and 5 new sales- a solid week none-the-less.  The top closed escrow came from the heart of the Golden Rectangle- a custom built three-story villa designed by Al Saroyan that closed at $4.25M (4% off of List Price).  We’re very proud to have representing the sellers’ of a landmark MJ Murphy home on the Southern part of the Golden Rectangle that closed at $3.24M (4% off of List Price)- this property is truly a piece of Carmel’s romantic past.  The other closed escrows include a recently remodeled home with ocean views on Pradera Road that closed at $3M (14% off of List Price), a Ranch-style home in lower Hatton Fields that closed at 1.1M (11% off of List Price), and a teardown in NE Carmel that closed at the full price of $825K.  The top new sale comes from the lesser known Ridgewood Road- this is a ‘sleeper’ street in that most people are unaware.  It’s a custom built home on a half-acre and an ask of $3.99M.  The other new sales include a large two-story home in Upper Hatton Fields with an ask of $1.595M, a Mid-Century Modern home in SE Carmel with an ask of $1.495M, a partially remodeled home in Southern Carmel Point with an ask of $1.35M, and another recently remodeled home in Hatton Fields with valley views and an ask of $1.159M.

No news to report in the Highlands this week.

Quail Meadows remains white-hot with another closed escrow this week.  We’re very fortunate to have represented both sides of this beautiful East-coast style home on Quail Way, which closed at $3.45M (4% off of list price).  Jessica lead the way on this sale and did a fantastic job for both parties.  As mentioned last week, the Canning Properties Group proudly donates a percentage of the proceeds for any sale in the Quail area to the Quail Lodge Scholarship Fund.  Again, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about the charity or would like to make a contribution yourself.


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CLOSED ESCROW – 991 Pioneer Rd, $2.7M (10% off of List Price), DOM=88

CLOSED ESCROW – 1020 San Carlos Rd, $1.55M (7% over List Price), DOM=3

NEW SALE – 3937 Ronda Rd, $4.095M, DOM=456

NEW SALE – 3150 Midwood Ln, $2.99M, DOM=7

NEW SALE – 3150 Ferguson Ln, $2.95M, DOM=98

NEW SALE – 1084 Presidio Rd, $1.371M, DOM=24

NEW SALE – 3150 Bird Rock Rd, $1.275M, DOM=3

NEW SALE – 2972 Crescent Rd, $975K, DOM=0

NEW SALE – 4103 Pine Meadows Wy, $950K, DOM=1

NEW SALE – 4076 Crest Rd, $875K, DOM=327

NEW SALE – 53 Shepherd’s Knoll, $529K, DOM=185

ACTIVE LISTINGS= (31 in MPCC area, 32 in Central Pebble, 6 in Upper Forest), 24 Lots


CLOSED ESCROW- NE Corner of Camino Real & 8th, $4.25M (4% off of List Price), DOM=30

CLOSED ESCROW- NW Corner of Santa Lucia & San Carlos, $3.24M (4% off of List Price), DOM=66

CLOSED ESCROW- 2784 Pradera Rd, $3M (14% off of List Price), DOM=266

CLOSED ESCROW- 26152 Mesa Dr, $1.1M (11% off of List Price), DOM=221

CLOSED ESCROW- Santa Fe 2SW of 2nd, $825K (Full Price), DOM=3

NEW SALE – 25951 Ridgewood Rd, $3.999M, DOM=58

NEW SALE – 25116 Hatton Rd, $1.595M, DOM=7

NEW SALE – 2657 16th Ave, $1.35M, DOM=73

NEW SALE – 26259 Mesa Pl, $1.159M, DOM=73

NEW SALE – Junipero 1NE of 11th, $1.495M, DOM=248

ACTIVE LISTINGS= (14 in NW Carmel, 21 in NE Carmel, 7 in Hatton Fields, 5 in SE Carmel, 21 in Golden Rectangle, 13 in Carmel Point), 4 Lots


ACTIVE LISTINGS= 14 Homes (6 oceanfront), 7 Lots


CLOSED ESCROW – 5445 Quail Way, $3.45M (4% off of List Price), DOM=380

ACTIVE LISTINGS= 7 Homes (4 in Quail Meadows, 3 in Quail Lodge), 2 Lots

Around Town

5/13 – 5/15: Carmel Art Festival at Mission Street and Ocean Avenue

5/14: MOD Fashion Show at  Carmel Plaza

5/14: The Quail Motorcycle Gathering at Quail Lodge

5/16: Wine, Dine, Jazz 2016 at Hyatt Regency

5/17: Jura Margulis Piano Concert at Hidden Valley Theatre

5/18: National Geographic Live Speaker – Bob Poole at Golden State Theatre 

5/18: Twilight Cycling at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

5/19: Paint Night at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

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