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The local market continues to churn at a surprisingly fast rate with no signs of immediate slowdown on the horizon.  Pebble Beach and the prime parts of Carmel share the crown this week with 8 sales a piece- a solid week at this stage of the selling season.  As always, a few highlights from the week below:

Pebble picked up in activity for the second week in a row with 6 closed escrows and 2 new sales.  The MPCC area continues to thrive, leading Pebble in sales volume.  The top closed escrow is a tastefully remodeled MPCC frontline Mediterranean-style home that closed off-market at the full price of $8M.  The other noteworthy closed escrows include a major fixer with expansive ocean views on the East side of Padre Lane that closed at $4.25M (3% off of List Price); a remodeled Contemporary with ocean views on lower Ronda Rd that closed at $3.8M (2% off of List Price) and a renovated Ranch-style home in the MPCC area that closed at $1.35M (4% over List Price).  The top new sale comes from the Central Pebble area- a Contemporary style home in a good location without ocean views and an ask of $3.625M.  The other new sale is a teardown in Upper Pebble with an ask of $699K. 

Another solid week for Carmel as it extends a March hot-streak for a third week in a row of 8+ sales.  A rarity, the top closed escrow came from outside of Carmel-By-The-Sea- a recently built Contemporary-style home with Valley views in Carmel Meadows that closed 1% over the list price of $2.72M.  The other closed escrows include a remodeled 1929 Carmel cottage in NW Carmel that closed at $2.277M (5% off of list price); a two story Ranch-style home in a good location in the Golden Rectangle that closed at $2.422M (Full Price); a fixer on Junipero that sold off-market at the full price of $1M and a tear down in NE Carmel that closed at $860K.  The top new sale is a charming remodeled cottage in SE Carmel with an ask of $1.997M.  The other new sales include a major fixer in the Golden Rectangle with an ask of $1.65M and a cottage in NE Carmel with an ask of $1.295M.

The Highlands had a much needed uptick in activity last week with 2 closed escrows and 1 new sale- the most activity in some time.  The top closed escrow is a tastefully remodeled Ranch-style home just off of Yankee Point’s front lines that closed at the full ask price of $2.389M.  The other closed escrow was an off-market deal East of Highway 1 that sold for $1.9M.  The lone new sale comes from the inner part of Yankee Point Dr- a major fixer without ocean views and an ask of $1.099M.  Good to see some activity down the coast.

Quail appears to be one of the hottest markets in town with 4 properties in Quail Meadows in escrow and word of another possibly popping, this market is on pace for a banner year.


CLOSED ESCROW – 1041 Marcheta Ln, $8M (Full Price), DOM= Off-Market

CLOSED ESCROW – 1211 Padre Ln, $4.25M (3% off of List Price), DOM=48

CLOSED ESCROW – 3896 Ronda Rd, $3.8M (2% off of List Price), DOM= Off-Market

CLOSED ESCROW – 1080 Presidio Rd, $1.35M (4% over List Price), DOM=9

CLOSED ESCROW – 4071 Crest Rd, $747K (3% over List Price), DOM=46

CLOSED ESCROW – 47 Shepherds Knoll, $545K, DOM=

NEW SALE – 3330 Stevenson Dr, $3.625M, DOM=35

NEW SALE – 4137 El Bosque Dr, $699K, DOM=35

ACTIVE LISTINGS= 65 Homes (25 in MPCC area, 32 in Central Pebble, 8 in Upper Pebble), 24 Lots


CLOSED ESCROW – 2973 Cuesta Way, $2.72M (1% over List Price), DOM=13

CLOSED ESCROW – Monte Verde 5NE of 5th Ave, $2.277M (5% off of list price), DOM=10

CLOSED ESCROW – SW Corner of Dolores St & 11th Ave, $2.425M (7% off of List Price), DOM= 80

CLOSED ESCROW – SW Corner of Junipero & 9th, $1M (Full Price), DOM= Off-Market

CLOSED ESCROW – NE Corner of Santa Fe & 4th St, $860K, DOM=108

NEW SALE – Forest St 4SW of 7th Ave, $1.997M, DOM=42

NEW SALE – Camino Real 2SE of 9th, $1.65M, DOM=44

NEW SALE – Mission St 4SE of Alta St, $1.295M, DOM=63

ACTIVE LISTINGS= 68 Homes (10 in NW Carmel, 23 in NE Carmel, 6 in SE Carmel, 14 in the Golden Rectangle, 9 in Carmel Point, 6 in Hatton Fields), 1 Lot


CLOSED ESCROW – 116 Yankee Point Dr, $2.389M (Full Price), DOM=5

CLOSED ESCROW – 32692 Coast Ridge Dr, $1.9M (Full Price), DOM= Off-Market

NEW SALE – 3 Yankee Point DR, $1.099M, DOM=69

ACTIVE LISTINGS= 17 Homes (5 oceanfront), 5 Lots


ACTIVE LISTINGS= 7 Homes (4 in Quail Meadows, 3 in Quail Lodge), 1 Lot

Around Town

3/18: Altan at the Sunset Center

3/19: ¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge Exhibit Opening at Monterey Bay Aquarium

3/19: Breast Cancer Assistance Group 14th Annual Bowl-A-Thon at Monterey Lanes

3/19:  Jackie Greene at Golden State Theatre

3/21: Monterey Symphony Free Family and Student Youth Concert at Sunset Center

3/22:  Vince Gill at Sunset Center

3/24: Sixth Annual Fundraiser for the Food Bank for Monterey County at the Hofsas House

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