Nic Canning

Nic Pic[1] copyHaving grown up in a Real Estate family on the Monterey Peninsula, Nic has developed a lifelong passion for the unique properties and  architecture that this area has to offer.  With second generation experience and deep local knowledge, Nic brings a unique level of experience and knowledge to the table.  He recently moved back to Carmel with his wife Megan and son Ryder to raise a family in a place he will always call home.

With over 15 years of experience in different sectors of the service industry, Nic has refined his customer-relationship skills and prides himself in providing outstanding service with every interaction he encounters.  He has a problem-solving mindset and the tenacity to effectively handle any challenge that may be presented.

Nic graduated from C.S.U.M.B. with a degree in Business Administration and a Concentration in Entrepreneurship.  While attending college, Nic trained in Martial Arts and won the Pan-American Championship in Renshinkan Karate-Do.  In addition to his Martial Arts, Nic was very active in the community and was awarded the Kukui Award from the School of Business for his academic achievements and contributions to the community.

When Nic is not chasing his son around with his wife, you can find him on the golf course pursuing that perfect round.

Phone 831.241.4458
Fax 888.474.3203

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