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It’s that time of year again when Hollywood comes to town for Carmel’s 8th Annual International Film Festival. Celebrities and patrons alike flock to the Sunset Center this week for the best of 2016’s Independent Films. The prime parts of Carmel saw an uptick in activity for the third week in a row, despite an overall slowing across the board this week. As always, a few highlights from the week below:

Pebble’s market has slowed at the start of the 4th quarter. This week exemplifying that with zero closed escrows and only two sales. Despite a robust Q3, Pebble’s overall market should continue to quiet down as we transition into our slowest season. The top new sale comes from the heart of the MPCC area- a tastefully remodeled traditional-style home that closed at $1.699M (5% off of List Price). The other new sale is another traditional-style remodel, in the Eastern part of the MPCC area, that closed slightly lower at $1.329M, (1% off of List Price).

Carmel gained ground with another strong week, posting 4 closed escrows and 7 new sales. The top closed escrow came from the SE part of Carmel- an extensively remodeled cottage that closed 4% off of the List Price of $2.18M. The other closed escrows include a major fixer, just opposite the Sunset Center, that closed at $1.514M (5% off of List Price); a teardown on an undersized lot in the heart of the Golden Rectangle that closed at $1.2M, (7% off of List Price) and a slightly remodeled cottage in the NW area of Carmel that closed at $1.65M (3% off of List Price). The top new sale is a newly built Mediterranean on an oversized lot in the outer parts of Carmel Point, listed at $2.599M. The other new sales include a classic 1920’s cottage just North of Ocean Avenue in NE Carmel that’s listed at $1.849M; a partly remodeled cottage in the outskirts of NE Carmel with an ask of $1.25M; another recently renovated ranch-style home in lower Hatton Fields that’s listed at $1.225M; an 80’s traditional-style home on the South side of Ocean Ave with an ask of $1.195M; a small cottage in the outskirts of NE Carmel that’s listed at $1.149M and a teardown on a corner lot in NW Carmel that’s listed at $749K.

No news to report in the Quail Area.

The lone new sale for the Highlands came from Carmel Meadows- a ranch-style home with ocean views with an ask of $1.899M. Worth noting that we’ve seen a slight uptick in activity in the Carmel Meadows area.

NEW SALE – 3039 Valdez Rd, $1.699M (5% off of List Price), DOM=44
NEW SALE – 2972 Crescent Rd, $1.329M, (1% off of List Price), DOM=105

CLOSED ESCROW – Mtn View Viscaino, $2.1M (4% off of List Price), DOM=114
CLOSED ESCROW – NW Corner of San Carlos & 9th, $1.514M (5% off of List Price), DOM=52
CLOSED ESCROW – Dolores 3NW of 11th, $1.2M, (7% off of List Price), DOM=49
CLOSED ESCROW – Palau 4NW of Casanova, $1.65M (3% off of List Price), DOM=96
NEW SALE – 2658 15th Ave, $2.599M, DOM=149
NEW SALE – SE Corner of 6th & Torres, $1.849M, DOM=15
NEW SALE – NW Corner of Santa Fe & 1st, $1.25M, DOM=15
NEW SALE – 3361 Taylor Rd, $1.225M, DOM=26
NEW SALE – SE Corner of Torres & Ocean, $1.195M, DOM=66
NEW SALE – Santa Fe 3SE of 1st, $1.149M, DOM=62
NEW SALE – SW Corner of Dolores & 3rd, $749K, DOM=95

NEW SALE – 2744 Pradera Rd, $1.899M, DOM=7

Quail- No news to report in Quail this week

Pebble Beach

ACTIVE LISTINGS= 83 Homes (Country Club West=20, Country Club East=14, Central Pebble=25, Lodge=16, Upper Forest=7), 20 Lots


ACTIVE LISTINGS= 101 Homes (Carmel Woods=10, NW Carmel=18, NE Carmel=16, Golden Rectangle=19, SE Carmel=14, Carmel Point=13, Hatton Fields=11), 7 Lots


ACTIVE LISTINGS= 30 Homes (25 in Highlands- 9 oceanfront, 5 in Meadows- 1 oceanfront), 9 Lots


ACTIVE LISTINGS= 5 Homes (4 in Quail Meadows, 1 in Quail Lodge), 2 Lots

Around Town:

10/14: Twyla Tharp Dance Company: 50th Anniversary Tour
Location: Sunset Center
Time: 8:00 pm
Cost: $59 – $79/tickets

10/15: Dawn’s Dream Paint & Pinot
Location: Dawn’s Dream Winery
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Cost: $95

10/15: Inspired Home & Garden Expo of Monterey
Monterey Fairgrounds
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

10/16: Fiesta del Mar
Location: Monterey Bay Aquarium
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

10/17: Trivia Night
Location: Sovino Wine Bar
Time: 7:00 pm

10/19 – 10/23: Carmel International Film Festival
Location: Carmel

10/20 – 11/06: King Lear
Location: Circle Theatre
Time: 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Cost: $16 – $36