ellen Weekly Blog

Construction on the nearly $10.5M roundabout on Holman Highway 68 began during Concours and is currently slated to be finished in 5 months – hopefully before the crowds arrive for AT&T. The city of Monterey is the project’s lead agency and has contributed $500K for the costs, with the majority of funding coming from the Pebble Beach Company ($5.3M) and the Transportation Authority of Monterey County investing $3.6M.

Traffic is increasingly becoming a challenge in our area with rush hour along the Highway 68 and Highway 1 corridors anticipated to reach capacity in the next 15 years. As proposed, the roundabout is designed to reduce travel time by approximately 67%, increase speed through the intersection to approximately 30 MPH (from 11) and lower fuel consumption by nearly 19%. Additionally, the reduced traffic is expected to reduce carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons emissions by 23% and 31% respectively.

With near universal benefits, the biggest challenge will be training locals on how best to navigate the new lanes and different traffic system. A few key tips when approaching the new roundabout: you can only turn right, yield when entering an intersection, if you miss your turn, keep calm and carry on, it will come around again soon enough.