ellen Weekly Blog

We’re blessed with beautiful weather for Thanksgiving weekend and are thankful to call such a special place our home.  Pebble roared ahead this week to retain the weekly crown for the 4th week in a row- an impressive streak given Carmel has lead the way for most of the year.  Overall, the market continues to percolate at a modest pace as we head into the last month of 2016.  As always, a few highlights from the week below:
The bottom of Pebble’s market surged this week, representing the vast majority of activity.  The top closed escrow was a Contemporary-ranch style home just West of Poppy Hills with filtered ocean views that sold for $1.8M (10% off of List Price).  The other closed escrows included a newly renovated ranch-style home in the Country Club West area that closed just shy of the list price of $1.699M; another newly remodeled ranch-style home in the same area that sold for $1.67M (1% off of List Price) and a teardown in the Country Club East area that closed at $875K (8% off of List Price).  The top new sale comes from the MPCC area- a tastefully designed home along second green of MPCC’s Shore course with an ask of $2.195M.  The other new sales include a Midcentury modern home in the Upper Forest with ocean views and a list price of $1.495M; a dated 80’s ranch-style home in the Country Club East area with an ask of $1.349M and a condo also in the Upper Forest, listed at $619K.
Carmel’s market is seeing its seasonal slowing with another subdued week- just 1 closed escrow and 2 new sales.  The lone closed escrow came from the NE area of Carmel- a fully remodeled 1930’s cottage that closed at the full price of $1.695M after being on the market for 2 days.  Both of the new sales are tiny (<600 sqft) cottage teardowns in the outskirts of NE Carmel with ask prices of $995K and $645K.   The Highlands had one new sale to report this week.  It is a remodeled oceanfront home on Yankee Point Dr with expansive Southwestern views overlooking a private cove, that’s listed at $5.125M.   Quail also saw activity this week with one closed escrow in the Quail Lodge area- yet another sale from Fairway Pl, which has been on a hot streak in ‘16.  A fully remodeled home, privately located on the Southern part of Fairway Pl’s cul-de-sac that closed at $2.3M (2% off of List Price).  Great to see the $2M marker being crested again this year in the Quail Lodge area. Best, Mike, Jess & Nic   Pebble CLOSED ESCROW – 3063 Forest Wy, $1.8M (10% off of List Price), DOM=25 CLOSED ESCROW – 3039 Valdez Rd, $1.679M (1% off of List Price), DOM=44 CLOSED ESCROW – 2880 Galleon Rd, $1.67M (1% off of List Price), DOM=62 CLOSED ESCROW – 1092 Mairners Wy, $875K (8% off of List Price), DOM=91 NEW SALE – 1036 San Carlos Rd, $2.195M, DOM=29 NEW SALE – 4130 Sunridge Rd, $1.495M, DOM=75 NEW SALE – 1096 Sawmill Gulch Rd, $1.349M, DOM= Off-Market NEW SALE – 76 Ocean Pines Ln, $619K, DOM=136   Carmel CLOSED ESCROW – Torres 2SE of 2nd, $1.695M (Full Price), DOM=2 NEW SALE – Mission 6SE of 8th, $995K, DOM=45 NEW SALE – Mission 1SE of 1st, $645K, DOM=205   Highlands NEW SALE – 108 Yankee Pt Dr, $5.125M, DOM=157   Quail CLOSED ESCROW – 7076 Fairway Pl, $2.3M (2% off of List Price), DOM=7