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Quite a fun-filled weekend lined up with the final round of The U.S. Open, Father’s Day and the NBA Finals all occurring on Sunday.  Carmel dons the crown for another week, matching the lucky number of 9 collective sales from the previous two weeks.  Pebble’s activity has been slower, as of late, with all sales occurring under the $2M threshold.  Quail Lodge extends its hot-streak with two more new sales, leaving the Meadows with the only inventory in that sub-market.  The Highlands closed another escrow as it slowly edges closer to the mean.  A few highlights from the week below:

Pebble has maintained a slow and steady pace in June with another week of less than 6 combined sales.  The top closed escrow is a Traditional/Contemporary that’s located on one of Pebble’s Northern arteries.  After being on the market for over 3 Quarters, this one closed at $1.41M (6% off of List Price).  The other two closed escrows came from the Upper Forest; a 1970’s Contemporary-style home with potential that closed 4% over the list price of $950K and a condo that closed at $502K (5% off of List Price).  The top new sale is a two story Ranch-style home on a large lot in the Upper Forest that’s listed at $1.395M.  The other new sale is a major fixer also in the Upper Forest with an ask of $829K.  With a recent spike in activity in the Upper Forest, that area’s inventory has dropped to the lowest this year.

As mentioned in the intro, Carmel has maintained a robust pace in the final chapter of the 2nd Quarter- matching the previous week’s average totals of 9 collective sales.  The top closed escrow came from a lesser known but quality street of Ridgewood Rd.  25951 Ridgewood closed just 5 % off of the list price of $3.99M. With its larger average lot and home size along with privacy and near proximity to town, it’s no wonder the sale came in above the $3M marker.  After quickly going into escrow, we’re honored to represent the second highest closed escrow this week- a charming Cottage in the heart of Carmel Point that closed at $2.49M (6% off of List Price).  The other closed escrows include a cute little Cottage with single walls on Casanova that closed at $1.71M (5% off of List Price); a slightly updated Cottage in SE Carmel that closed at $1.175M (6% off of List Price); a 1960’s Ranch-style home with a nice layout in Hatton Fields that closed at $1.182M (1% off of List Price); a Cottage with upsides in the outlying area of NE Carmel that closed at $1.15M (1% off of List Price) and a remodeled 1920’s Bungalow in NE Carmel that closed at the full price of $960K.  The top new sale is a two-story Traditional-style home on an artery in the Golden Rectangle with an ask of $1.599M.  The other new sale is a 1920’s Cottage, also in the Golden Rectangle, with a remodeled interior and an ask of $1.54M.

The Highlands saw some more activity with another closed escrow this week.  The closed escrow came from the East side of Highway 1- with distant ocean views and a modern touch to a Tudor-style, this listing on Upper Walden closed at $2.7M (23% off of List Price).

The final two listings in Quail Lodge went into escrow this week, leaving that area with drought-like inventory levels.  The top new sale is a post adobe teardown on Valley Greens Cir, essentially dirt value for that street.  The other new sale, also on Valley Greens Cir, is a townhouse (1 of 21) that recently fell out of escrow and back in this week.  That townhouse is listed at $695K.


Pebble Beach
CLOSED ESCROW – 2940 Sloat Rd, $1.41M (6% off of List Price), DOM=259
CLOSED ESCROW – 4103 Pine Meadows Wy, $990K (4% over List Price), DOM=1
CLOSED ESCROW – 54 Shepherd’s Knoll Rd, $502K (5% off of List Price), DOM=185
NEW SALE – 4096 Sunset Ln, $1.395M, DOM=31
NEW SALE – 4120 Crest Rd, $829K, DOM=53
ACTIVE LISTINGS= 69 Homes (31 in MPCC area, 31 in Central Pebble, 6 in Upper Forest), 24 Lots

CLOSED ESCROW – 25951 Ridgewood Rd, $3.8M (5% off of List Price), DOM=58
CLOSED ESCROW – 2417 San Antonio, $2.49M (6% off of List Price), DOM=110
CLOSED ESCROW – Casanova 4SE of 12th, $1.71M (5% off of List Price), DOM=142
CLOSED ESCROW – SE Corner of Torres & 10th, $1.175M (6% off of List Price), DOM=38
CLOSED ESCROW – 3528 Mesa Crt, $1.182M (1% off of List Price), DOM=10
CLOSED ESCROW– 24670 Pescadero Rd, $1.15M (1% off of List Price), DOM=3
CLOSED ESCROW – Guadalupe 3SW of 2nd, $960K (Full-Price), DOM=99
NEW SALE – NW Corner of San Carlos & 9th, $1.599M, DOM=52
NEW SALE – NW Corner of Dolores & 10th, $1.54M, DOM=75
ACTIVE LISTINGS= 81 homes (17 in NW Carmel, 10 in NE Carmel, 21 in Golden Rectangle, 17 in Carmel Point, 4 in SE Carmel, 12 in Hatton Fields), 4 Lots

CLOSED ESCROW – 204 Upper Walden, $2.7M (23% off of List Price), DOM=104
ACTIVE LISTINGS= 15 Homes (5 oceanfront), 8 Lots

NEW SALE – 7029 Valley Greens Cir, $1.195M, DOM=217
NEW SALE – 7026 Valley Greens Cir, $695K, DOM=1
ACTIVE LISTINGS= 3 Homes (all in Quail Meadows), 2 Lots


Around Town:

 6/17: Cima Collina’s Summer Solstice Founders’ Dinner at 19 E Carmel Valley Road – 7:00 PM  |  $72/person

6/18: Carmel Valley Art & Wine Celebration – 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

6/19: Father’s Day Barbeque, Beer & Bocce at 415 W Carmel Valley Road – 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm

6/19: Father’s Day Tasting at McIntyre Tasting Studio – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

6/19: Father’s Day Blues Festival in The Forest at Poppy Hills Golf Course – 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm |  $25.00/person

6/19: Run in the Name of Love 5k San Carlos St & 9th Ave – 8:30 am

6/20: Trivia Night at Sovino Wine Bar & Merchant – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm