With over 50 years of history, Quail Lodge is steeped in Carmel Valley traditions. A beautiful pastoral area nestled into the mouth of Carmel Valley, Quail Lodge is conveniently positioned just outside the coastal marine layer. Originally a dairy farm, Quail Lodge was founded by Edgar Haber in 1963 with a vision to build a beautiful golf course blended in with homes amongst nature. Later, Quail Meadows was developed in 1992 by Haber as a luxurious gated community adjacent to Quail Lodge. From the rolling hills, to the river that runs through, Quail captures the essence of Carmel Valley living.

Of the 259 properties in the Quail Lodge/ Quail Meadows area, there are 203 properties in Quail Lodge (160 homes, 42 condos and 11 vacant lot) and 56 in Quail Meadows (44 homes, 12 vacant lots). Within the 204 houses across Quail Lodge and Quail Meadows, 120 (59%) are primary residences and 84 (41%) are secondary residences. The condos have a lower percentage of primary residence with 20 (48%) primary residences and 22 (52%) secondary residences.

Nearly 75% of the secondary residents are from California; 36% are from the Bay Area with the highest concentrations in San Francisco, San Mateo and San Jose; 21% are from the Monterey Peninsula (very interesting to see how many local people have chosen to purchase or hold rental or investment properties in Quail); 13% come from southern California; 5% are from the Sacramento and Tahoe areas. The remaining 24% of owners come from throughout the US, with most from the western region. Only a select few make their way to Quail from the east coast.

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