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The graduation season has come and gone and families are turning their attention to summer festivities and house shopping. Our tourism season is in full swing as we advance through our primary selling season. Carmel remained the leader for another week, matching last week’s total of 9 collective sales. Pebble was a bit lethargic while Quail continued its torrent pace. The Highlands perked up with 1 closed sale on Yankee Point Dr- more details on that and other highlights below:

Little news to report in Pebble as it produced only 1 closed escrow and 2 new sales this week. The lone closed escrow came from the MPCC area- a Ranch-style fixer just North of MPCC’s maintenance yard that sold for $735K (6% off of List Price). The top new sale is a Mid-Century Modern just above the Lodge with expansive ocean views and an ask of $6.95M. The other new sale is ‘60’s Ranch-style home just North of Spyglass Hill that’s listed fairly at $1.25M. Worth noting that housing inventory has leveled off in the high 60’s for most of 2Q’16.

Carmel had another strong week with a flurry of new sales (7) and 2 closed escrows- robust for historical standards. The top closed escrow came from SE Carmel- a tastefully remodeled Mediterranean that closed at $2.1M (12% off of List Price). The other closed escrow came from Hatton Fields- an oversized home and lot with a guest suite that closed 3% over the list price of $1.595M. We’re honored to represent the sellers of the top new sale this week, it’s a charming cottage in Carmel Point with ocean views and an ask price of $2.65M- great value here. The other new sales include a tastefully remodeled traditional-style home in Southern Golden Rectangle that’s listed at $2.525M; a ‘90’s Contemporary-style home in NW Carmel that’s listed at $1.995M; a Mid-Century Modern home also in NW Carmel with an ask of $1.885M; a recently remodeled cottage in SE Carmel, listed at $1.524M; a ‘60’s Ranch-style home in SE Carmel with an ask of $1.35M and a Mid-Century Modern also in SE Carmel that’s listed at $1.125M.

We’re thrilled and honored to have represented both sides of the sale at 7 Yankee Point Dr. A tastefully remodeled English-style estate with expansive ocean views that closed 1% off of the list price of $2.425M. A job well-done by Jessica on this deal.

Quail’s inventory has dwindled down to just 3 active listing as another home went into escrow this week. It’s a tastefully remodeled spec deal along Quail’s driving range that’s listed at $1.795M. Word on the street is that there are couple more homes in Quail Meadows that could pop in the near future- we’ll keep an eye over there and will update if anything transpires.

Mike, Jess & Nic

CLOSED ESCROW- 1064 Mission Rd, $735K (6% off of List Price), DOM=17
NEW SALE- 3313 17 Mile Dr, $6.95M, DOM=260
NEW SALE- 3104 Forest Lake Rd, $1.25M, DOM=4
ACTIVE LISTINGS= 68 Homes (30 in MPCC area, 31 in Central Pebble, 7 in Upper Forest), 24 Lots

CLOSED ESCROW- Guadalupe 5SE of 7th, $2.1M (12% off of List Price), DOM=18
CLOSED ESCROW- 25116 Hatton Rd, $1.65M (3% over List Price), DOM=7
NEW SALE- 2417 San Antonio, $2.65M, DOM=110
NEW SALE- 12th Ave 2NE of Monte Verde, $2.525M, DOM=15
NEW SALE- San Carlos 1NE of Vista, $1.995M, DOM=30
NEW SALE- 24712 Dolores St, $1.885M, DOM=82
NEW SALE- Santa Fe 8SW of 8th, $1.524M, DOM=112
NEW SALE- Acacia 4SE of Flanders Wy, $1.35M, DOM=16
NEW SALE- 3354 7th Ave, $1.125M, DOM=83
ACTIVE LISTINGS= 17 in NW Carmel, 21 in Golden Rectangle, 14 in Carmel Point, 3 in SE Carmel, 11 in NE Carmel, 8 in Hatton Fields, 3 Lots

*CLOSED ESCROW- 7 Yankee Point Dr, $2.405M
ACTIVE LISTINGS= 16 Homes (6 Oceanfront), 8 Lots

NEW SALE- 8020 Rivers Pl, $1.795M, DOM=168
ACTIVE LISTINGS= 6 Homes (4 in Quail Meadows, 2 in Quail Lodge), 2 Lots

*Canning Properties Group Sale


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