Carmel Outpaces Pebble Beach

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Carmel Outpaces Pebble Beach


For the first time in months, the prime parts of Carmel had a better week than Pebble.  Each had 3 new sales but Carmel saw 4 closed sales to Pebble’s 2.  In addition to more properties sold, Carmel also saw higher dollar volume.  Carmel’s new sales were all in the Golden Rectangle, with prices of $1.795M, $2.595M and $3.3M – a good week for the Rectangle.  The 4 closed sales ranged from $940K, $1.35M, $2.1M to $2.7M.  No big numbers but healthy volume.


Pebble’s new sales included a value-priced frontline MPCC house with an ask of $2.85M and two MPCC fixers at a heckuva value at $599K and one at $899K.  Estates part of Pebble went to sleep.  The two closed sales were also both low-priced MPCC fixers, one at $755K and the other at $799K.  The bottom of the market keeps chugging along but we are keeping a close eye on the $5-$10M market in Pebble – very quiet lately.  The top of the Pebble market ($10+) is better than the $5-10 sector.  As an aside, we did receive an offer on our newly listed  ($25.5) incredible Beach House (


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