Carmel Jumps, led by Scenic, and Pebble Beach Remains Steady

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At the outset, we’re honored to have been retained to handle the sale of one of Carmel’s genuine gems:  one of the 5 beachfront properties running fully from Scenic to the sands of Carmel Beach.  Directly on the beach, minutes up to town, this is the ultimate beach house.

After lagging for several weeks the prime parts of Carmel heated up, with 4 new sales and 2 closed sales – very healthy activity.  The 4 new sales included a $3.95M spec house on Valley View on The Point, a contemporary home on Scenic also on The Point with an ask of $5.475M, a sophisticated cottage in a prime Golden Rectangle location with an ask of $3.875M and a small cottage on Camino Real with an ask of $1.395M.  Very solid activity.  The sold properties also included two tear downs, one on Scenic on The Point that has been on the market forever, which finally closed at $3.7M (lot value) and a small cottage on San Antonio which closed at $1.295M.

Pebble Beach remained steady, with 3 new sales and 3 closed sales.  Two of the new sales were under $1M, extending that super-hot streak at that level, and a spec home that has been on the market for some time in the MPCC area of Pebble, which had an ask of $2.295M.  There were two MPCC properties that closed at $2.0M and another that closed under $1M.  2013 has certainly favored the under $2M brackets in Pebble, while casting a cloud of uncertainty in the depth of demand for the properties from $5-$10M.  Keeping a close eye on that bracket.

If you’re in town this week, here are a few noteworthy events:

10/4: Sunset Celebration at Tor House Gardens

10/4-10/5: Philip Glass Days and Nights Festival

10/5: Ansel Adams In Focus: A Lecture by Alan Ross at the Sunset Center

10/5: Poodle Day at Carmel Beach

10/9-10/13: Carmel Art & Film Festival




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