ellen Weekly Blog

For the first time in many weeks, Carmel matched Pebble in sales.  Both markets were lethargic this past week – a slowing trend we continue to monitor closely.  Inventory levels remain historically low in Carmel while demand for the Golden Rectangle remains high.

Pebble’s lone sale came from the MPCC area – a beautifully designed home by John Matthams that sold for $2.606M (7% off of list price).  4 new listings came to the market this past week, 3 in the Country Club West area and 1 in the Upper Forest.  All are fixers with prices ranging from $895K-$1.399M.

 Carmel saw just one new sale this past week, a fully renovated Colonial in the heart of the Golden Rectangle with an ask of $3.95M (18 D.O.M.).  Quality properties in Carmel do not linger on the market for long and have been selling close to list price.  As this trend continues to tilt in favor of sellers, it remains a good opportunity to bring your home to market – again, we are happy to provide an estimate of value for any so inclined.

Around Town: 

5/8 Defense Language Institute’s Annual Language Day Event at Presidio of Monterey 

5/9- Herb Alpert & Lani Hall Gala Event at Sunset Center

5/12- Wine By Time Tuesdays at 169 Crossroads Blvd