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The Pebble Beach and prime Carmel markets are clearly winding down as the year winds down as well but, it’s been a heckuva year in both markets – we’ll have our year-end recap out with detailed observations on all segments just after the new year.

Couple of small condos closed in Pebble and a modest rancher in the MPCC area went into escrow.  Pretty typical season-ending quiet.  The prime parts of Carmel had zero closed sales but did see one home in the Golden Rectangle go into escrow with an ask of$1.95M – that one a bit of a ‘fixer’.

We’re very much looking forward to 2015 and will include our market forecasts in our year-end update.  Some interesting patterns developing that bear watching.

Genuine best of the holidays to all.  Here’s what’s going on around town:

About Town:

12/20 – It’s A Wonderful Life – Hosted by the Carmel Youth Center at The Forest Theater.

12/20 – Annual Holiday Celebration 4-6pm @ Nielsen’s.

12/24 – Candlelight Christmas Eve Services at Carmel Presbytarian.

12/24-12/25 – Christmas Dinner at Aubergine.


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